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Privacy policy

The unofficial NHL Uniform Database greatly values your privacy. We do not collect any personal information whatsoever without your consent. The only personal information gathered is that which is entered into the guestbook; still, none of the information obtained is ever used for advertising or anything of that nature. In fact, to ensure the privacy of all visitors, the e-mail field in the guestbook has been removed.

Acceptable use policy

To ensure the long-term enjoyment of the unofficial NHL Uniform Database for years to come, I ask you to please abide by the following terms and conditions

• You are more than welcome to download images from this website for your own personal use. You may also use the images on your own website, as long as you provide full and proper attribution, which will include my name, the name of the website and a link to the website. For example:

Illustration by Andrew M. Greenstein, The unofficial NHL Uniform Database

If you do use an image from this website on your website, you may not edit it in any way, shape or form without prior consent. Under no circumstances may you watermark the image.

No image from this website may appear on any website whose purpose is to sell merchandise. This includes, but is not limited to, eBay. Anyone found placing images on such websites will be served a cease-and-desist letter, allowing five days to remove the images. Failure to comply will result in further action, up to and including litigation. The National Hockey League may also be notified.

• Feel free to leave your feedback at the guestbook. Please be aware that the guestbook is just that and not an online forum/message board. If you'd like to start a dialogue on hockey uniforms, your better bet is to go to a message board like Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community. Also, anyone using foul language on the guestbook will not only have his/her entry removed, but access to the whole website will be permanently denied. There are no second chances.

• When linking to this website, please note that as of September 1, 2012, the official name for this website is The unofficial NHL Uniform Database. Please refer to it as such in all mentions of the site.