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June 15, 2015

Some final thoughts

What a Stanley Cup Final we had!

Except for the final 5:14 of the series, neither the Blackhawks nor the Lightning built more than a one-goal lead at any point in the Final. Unless you're a Blackhawks fan, the only unfortunate part of the series is that it didn't go seven games.

So with the Blackhawks' 2-0 win in Game 6, that brings the 2014-15 NHL season to a close.

It will also bring to a close two features of this website -- the blog and the guestbook.

When I started the site back in June of 2001, the guestbook was really the only way to let me know you stopped by and to give me your thoughts. Facebook was still years away from launching.

As for the blog coming to an end, don't worry -- I will still be keeping in touch with you, the hockey fan. It's just that with more than two-thousand "likes" on the site's Facebook page as of today, this blog section essentially became redundant to the Facebook page. So the blog icon on the top of the page will be replaced by an icon to take you to the site's Facebook page.

If you haven't already done so, stop by the site's Facebook page, click the "like" icon and join the conversation.

And one more thing -- the counter at the bottom of the homepage will also be going away. At this point, it really means nothing.

So have a great summer, and I will see you over on the site's Facebook page.

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